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Georgia Southern University Brand

Mission Statement

At Georgia Southern University, our learner-centered culture prepares us to think, lead, teach, and serve. We value collaboration, academic excellence, discovery and innovation, integrity, openness and inclusion, and sustainability. We promote talent and economic development to enhance quality of life through scholarly pursuits, cultural enrichment, student life, and community engagement across distinctive campuses. Our success is measured by the global impact of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Brand Promise

Georgia Southern University provides transformative learning opportunities to help students reach their fullest potential at every stage of life. By combining academic excellence and creative innovation in a supportive, student-centered environment, Georgia Southern University empowers the next generation of leaders to succeed.

Brand Attributes

  • Create achievers and influencers ready to make an immediate impact in the world.
  • Serve the region as the cultural, educational and technical leader in our region — coastal and southeastern Georgia — the State of Georgia and beyond.
  • Explore dynamic and impactful research that offers wide-ranging opportunities for undergraduates.
  • Act as a catalyst for economic development through extensive partnerships with business, industry and government.

Last updated: 2/18/2020