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Bursar “Get Ready Go” Campaign

Our Work

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With so many messages overloading university students today, the Bursar’s Office needed an attention-grabbing campaign that would remind Georgia Southern students to check to make certain their accounts were fully paid. The University Communications and Marketing Department assisted in creating a “Get Ready Go” initiative to provide a road map to ensure students’ classes did not get canceled due to lack of payment. We implemented a multi-channel approach, including graphics on campus computer lab spaces, yard signs and a summertime postcard campaign directing students and parents to a “Pay Now” web page.


Lisa Bridges, Editorial
Christy McNutt, Graphic Design
Janice Stanford, Web Design and Development

What We Did

  • Postcard editorial
  • Postcard redesign
  • Yard signs
  • Social Media
  • Lab desktop backgrounds
  • Posters

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Last updated: 2/22/2022