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Event Calendar Guidelines

User Roles

Platform Admin

  • Manage system and users, curate featured and sponsored events
  • Customer support for Event Admins
  • Must be a full-time faculty or staff member

Event Admin

  • Submit calendar items, approve calendar items from his/her submitters
  • Communicate support issues to the Platform Admin through the support request form
  • Must be a full-time faculty or staff member

Trusted Users

  • Submit calendar items without the need of approval
  • Edit their calendar submissions for spelling, grammar and accuracy
  • Must be a full-time faculty or staff member


  • Submit events through the event calendar, which will require the approval of the Event Admins, OR provide event information to Event Admins or Trusted Users to post on their behalf

Submission Guidelines

  • The title and content of your post should be typed using sentence case. No caps lock, please. In addition, please refrain from adding special fonts, colors or other decorations in your body text, as it can limit readability.
  • Please include as much information about your event in the event description box as possible, however please note there are fields for date, time, ticket requirements, etc., in the form.
  • Double check spelling, titles, names and other information in all applicable fields.
  • Contact information for the event should always be included and should be the most appropriate person to contact for event information, not necessarily the user submitting the event.
  • Photos can be added to your calendar items. However, please make sure the photos are scaled down for web resolution when uploading them. The calendar’s cropper at its largest is 200×150 (4:3) and best practices recommend a 4:3 aspect ratio for photos. Photo uploads should not exceed two megabytes or a max width of 1200 pixels.
  • If you have a flier related to the event, feel free to link it to the calendar item or add it as a photo, but it shouldn’t take the place of your text content.
  • DO NOT use the “Academic Calendar/University Closures” filter. The “Academic Calendar” filter is limited to the Office of the Registrar.
  • If you have special hours to post, please post them using your College and/or Department’s filter. For example, best practices indicate that you should not state “Fourth of July Hours” as your title. Instead, state “RAC Special Hours” as it will post on the holiday, July 4.
  • DO NOT select the “Featured Event” or “Sponsored” buttons for any event. Featured and sponsored events will be curated and updated weekly by the Platform Admins based on timeliness of the event, its relevance to media, and potential interest of the campus community and greater Statesboro area.
  • Selecting “Allow User Activity” will allow any user, GS or public, to leave comments about your event. Proceed with caution. If comments are allowed, the Event Admin is responsible for monitoring comments for content and appropriateness daily.
  • When using the hashtag field, please note that the # character will automatically be included in the hashtag and does not need to added manually.

Submission Review/Approval

  • At 4 p.m. each day, Event Admins will receive an email containing calendar submissions awaiting approval. Please review your department or area submissions for spelling, grammar and accuracy before approving them for publication.
  • Trusted Users will be expected to review their own submissions, and the events which they are posting on behalf of others, for spelling, grammar and accuracy before posting.
  • Best practices indicate that care should be taken prior to posting an event that the event posting is not a duplicate event or contains conflicting information.
  • Outstanding events in the pending queue that have not been approved will be addressed by the Office of Marketing and Communications on a weekly basis, and will be sent to the appropriate Event Admin. Please note that leaving events unapproved in the pending queue will result in a delay in sharing information on the event with the community.
  • The Office of Marketing and Communications will review all event calendar submissions on a weekly basis. Any event submission which is a duplicate or is found to contain errors (i.e. conflicting information, violations of style guidelines or issues with photos/images) will be placed back in the pending queue and the appropriate Event Admin will be contacted to make the correction.
  • If an event is selected as a “Featured Event,” the Office of Marketing and Communications has the ability to revise the event and any additional revisions thereafter should not be made without the Event Admin for that department or area first contacting Marketing and Communications through the support request form.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

Additional Training

Last updated: 7/19/2016